Donation Requests 

We get TONS of requests for donations of money and/or beer, but unfortunately we don't make much of either. That's why you don't see our beer at area taprooms, restaurants, or bottle shops. You also won't see us at many beer festivals because we make a fraction of what our friends in the area make. We sell almost every drop of beer we make through our own taproom, and we're still not making enough to keep our tap lines flowing. That's nano-brewing for ya. Tax write-offs are appealing, but only if you have something to write it off against, which we don't have. Yet. Please god, oh please, let it at least be a "yet."  

The way we give back is through our Ally Tap program, wherein we partner with a local organization that is doing excellent work and donate a dollar of every pint from the Ally Tap to that organization. If you or your organization are interested in soliciting donations or getting on the Ally Tap, fill out the form below. Most likely, we will not answer. We know it's crappy but it's true. If we responded to every request we receive we'd have to hire a full time person and we would make even less beer. 


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